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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A critical review of the artworks by Artist Sudipta Adhikari

‘When I look at a person, I see nature. Everything around us is manifestation of nature in one form or the other.

Krishna is not a Casanova with blue skin. Krishna is the whole. The entire existence!’ Says artist Sudipta Adhikari. Have a look at two paintings by him.

The true spirit of either of the paintings will remain incomplete without their names. The first one is 'Sacchidananda-the creation of Kali' and the second one is 'Krishna'!

Such depiction is similar in a way to Zen art even though zen art is very different in its appearance. We are comparing the two from the standpoint of the inspiration and source. We feel, even if Sudipta’s artworks strike the viewer as landscapes at the outset, yet they are much more than that. He seems to be trying to capture the infinite expanse of the supreme on the canvas. And his paintings are much larger than the limited space of couple of square feet.

Looking at the images, one is soon sucked into the enigma of the enormity and primitiveness of an alien yet familiar universe. At times, his paintings border on the edge of abstract expressionism and at times romanticism. But Romartika feels, they cannot be categorized under either category.

We cannot deny that some of his artworks appear to be reverberation of 18th century Turner. But then there too, only the outwardly appearance carry a resemblance. They are an unlikely blend of eastern mystic outlook and western expressionism.

Romartika feels, Sudipta’s artworks bring up a stroke of fresh wind. We hope, they will draw enough attention of the art lovers across the globe. Perhaps they have the potential to open a new movement in art - mystic expressionism.

We also must mention that an essential element of an artwork, that is rarely used by Indian artists, is employed by Sudipta very effectively. That is the Title of an artwork. So many landmark artworks in history would have meant nothing at all without their titles.

He has not gone to art college. He is more or less as outsider. Perhaps, that is the reason, a new frontier is visible to him. He is not blinded by convention and protocol.

Romartika will look forward to a very bright future of this young artist.

to see more of his artworks, please visit the following link -

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