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Art through the lens of a veteran of mathematics

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

ROMARTIKA has brought me in close contact with a battery of artists, not just through their bold and beautiful website and the exhibitions held therein, or the webinars where I had a chance to participate, interact and voice my thoughts on several interesting topics but also through one-to-one chats with the artists and write about them, briefly introducing them to the larger audience that the site receives.

Artists have one thing in common. They harbor unconditional love for nature. Today's modern large cities are more of concrete jungles, more so in our country, but to a reasonable extent elsewhere too. However, artists, irrespective of where they live, seek out nature around them. Even going to the extent of organizing collection of people or joining others to work towards restoration, maintenance and sensitizing people to do so.

I have noticed another aspect of the artist fraternity. It is the deep concern for the voiceless of the society they live in. Be it the street children or the exploited beggars or the sex workers. Through their art, the artists bring out the plight, the struggle and the tolerance of dominance of the oppressed.

Artists, I have met over the last several months, are sometimes very confident of what they are doing, irrespective of their success or otherwise. These are artists who wouldn't mind walking the beaten path. At the same time, there are occasions when artist maybe tentative and looking forwards to learn from the reactions of the audience and incorporate such learning in their art.

As happens in other professions, some artists are great teachers and there are those who are content with their art and leaving their audience to self-learn. More often than not, artists go through some amount of struggle almost in every society in this planet before their choice of profession is accepted or tolerated by their immediate society(extended family). This surely gives rise to a rebel in every artist.

An artist's clarity of thought seem to waver at time. Other schools of thought often flashes questions marks to the artist. Such contradiction in the mind of the artist leads the her towards a kind of maturity. Finally, the audience is the beneficiary of such discussions.

All said and done, artists are intellectuals, artists are saints, artists are children, artists are ordinary mortals.

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Mimamsa Myriad
Mimamsa Myriad
Sep 28, 2021

It is great to have a view on Art by a Mathematician as they say the right hemisphere of the brain is predominantly occupied with artistic and mathematical pursuits. Hence is is very interesting to note how two discipline apparently so further apart come from the same source. Interesting Article! :)

Saikat Baksi
Saikat Baksi
Oct 03, 2021
Replying to

Many thanks for your valued comment.

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