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Avoid news reports if you want to know about art. Social media and Advertorial do a better job.

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

General perception says Advertorials are propaganda. Of course, social media is silly. So called serious people smirk at both and rely on what appears in the form of news in the news paper.

We are talking about art in this article. The review or reporting on current events related to art in the main media is often totally misleading and harmful. It is because of two reasons. The main reason in most cases is the ignorance of the reporter about even the basics of art. And the second reason is the stamp of authenticity associated with main media. Anything in a news paper in printed form, claims to be reliable and sinecere whereas in many cases such reviews come out of empty vessels. And gullible readers take them for vedic truth.

So, it is advisable that newspapers must be strictly avoided in connection with reporting on art reviews.

As for social media or Advertorials, the content is far more honest because the intention of propaganda and publicity is loud and clear. Anybody reading those knows that they must take them with a pinch of salt. The claims are subjected to deliberation. No unfounded approval hangs like a solemn cloud on them.

Hence, everyone must know that news reports are mostly lies in today's world in the garb of truth.

Advertorials and social media posts are raw propaganda or publicity but far more sincere and direct. Take it or leave it. They do not enter our subconscious like an insidious lie.

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