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Museum employee in Munich hangs his own painting in museum!

Updated: Apr 15

Museum employee in Munich hangs his own painting in museum

Sometime back, visitors at the modern art museum of Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne, suddenly discovered a new painting among the works of old legends lile Pablo Picasso.

We don't know if it was in sync with the paintings around it in the museum, but it took some time for the police to discover that the artist of the newly added artwork was not one of those masters but an employee of the museum itself.

This way, the fated artist hoped to be noticed. However, the result was not much favorable. He lost his job and also attracted some legal action because he had drilled two holes on the wall of the museum. Ambition is not punishable. Hence hoping to be noticed was not a crime.

But one thing is for sure. He did not get noticed. Neither your correspondent could find out his name nor an image of his painting.

This ironical event reminded your correspondent about a statement by an art collector in a group show, 'I don't buy paintings by living artists. So, don't expect me to buy anything here.' Your correspondent was panicked that some of the emerging artists might immediately kill themselves. After all there would be some prospect to sell paintings if they were dead!

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