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Celebration of Hindu mythology and tradition at Jehangir Art Gallery by Vaishali Rajput

An amazing visual treat was presented in terms of a solo show by artist Vaishali Rajput between 29th to 4th September '23 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. The show was inaugurated by Justice Abhay Thipsay, Bombay High Court.

The uniqueness about Vaishali's work lays in the bright and festive spirit across the entire body of paintings. The reddish orange background rejoices in the thrill of existence. Essentially, she depicts the motifs of classical Indian spirit on canvas. The holy cow, Shiva or the dance of Natraj is not familiar with us yet the overall composition feels refreshingly new.

Artist Vaishali Rajput with artist Shaikh Ahsan

The brown in her paintings whispers of the past, the ancient period of our country. The orange brings the spiritual touch. She says that passing on a message is not her objective. Rather, her youthful spirit reflects on her works with a flavor of Indian classical tradition and culture.

The show was highly admired by the art lovers who visited the gallery.

Vaishali's paintings stand apart from the crowd of Indian classical works by umpteen number of other artists because of the unique composition and joyous celebration. In the end, we must say that her artworks tell you that life is good!

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