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Gallery does not make art. Art makes gallery.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

A venue for social gathering turns into a vibrant gallery in a blink!

Artist Sudipta Adhikari often wondered why he had to run from pillar to post to secure a space to display his artworks! After all, the gallery just offered a roof and four walls. The essence was the art. Why not display the artworks anywhere at all?

This very idea prompted him to carry out an experiment. In Gariya, Kolkata, there was no gallery in existence anyway. But there was a mansion (in fact, not one but several), usually rented out for elaborate marriage ceremonies. He decided to turn it into a gallery. The decorations were underway in no time. The following photographs show the thrill and excitement in setting up the stage for the show.

Next, the question was, how to get the artists display their works in such a make-shift venue? After all, a gallery is not just a space but it comes with its pedigree and heritage. Even though Sudipta believes in art more than the space in which they are displayed, yet, there was apprehension.

But Sudipta is one of them whose resolve grows stronger with mounting challenges!

He did not hesitate to approach the leading artists of Kolkata. To his surprise, all of them welcomed his initiative and many of them offered to exhibit in the gallery in under construction!

Nineteen artists came forward. The exhibition opened for public.

Their amazing artworks are on display between 31st Oct '21 to 7th Nov '21 at Sushila Bhawan, Mahamayatala, Gariya. The neighborhood too is cherishing the cultural spirit in the air instilled by a ceaseless flow of art lovers from around the city. After all, the city of joy never fails to produce artistic warriors like Sudipta and an atmosphere conducive for creativity to thrive!

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