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Solo show by artist Anuradha Bhattacharya

Updated: May 28, 2022

Artist Anuradha Bhattacharya exhibited her paintings in Altamira Art Gallery, Kolkata, between 5th to 8th May, under the banner of the progressive art group Freewings and the Art-technology platform, Jumbish.

Your correspondent visited the show to collect some interesting insight into the artist’s life and her artworks.

It was Anuradha’s first solo show. She displayed twelve paintings, each depicting a landscape. Her landscapes greet the viewers with bright glow of vivid colours. It seems that she accentuates the intensity by raising the contrast a few notches higher than the realistic tradition of the day. It reminds of the pioneers of Fauvism of the late 19th Century. Expressionism through colour rather than form.

I asked her about her inspiration. The answer was simple. Nature.

Anuradha is an avid traveler. Nature never fails to mesmerize her. Nature is the ultimate melting pot of colours for her. Painting nature fulfils her passion for filling the canvas in wide spectrum of hues.

But in the end, passion comes at a cost. She is responsible for running a vibrant family business during the day and when the world goes to sleep and the bustle disappears, she picks up her brush. Burning the midnight oil, the artist carries on with her rendezvous with paint and canvas.

Her spirit and dedication to art are amazing.

Her paintings reflect ample degree of skill. Beauty is an integral element of each of her works. We are confident that in the coming days, Anuradha’s canvas would treat us with a few more elements like mystery and shock.

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