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The naked ladies - a poetic art by Sharmila Paul

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

What a wonderful discovery!

what a marvelous surprise!

there they were ~ 12 Naked Ladies

dancing right before my eyes!

Found them hiding in the Iris,

long green blades gave them their skirts,

each one bolder than the next,

they were shameless, carefree flirts!

I had planted them one August

with no fanfare and no fuss,

they were hidden from our neighbors,

no one saw them except me.

Standing tall there by the forest,

each one's face, her one reward,

they lived solely for our pleasure,

just for us and for the Lord.

Like a vacant lot of wild flowers

overgrown with weed and thorn,

they were blooming without notice

till they caught my eye this morning.

Hummingbirds will tell you different,

bumblebees will disagree,

but when God made Naked Ladies

He was thinking about me!

'Cause although they look exotic,

they still flourish without care,

what delight to see their faces,

Naked Ladies, hiding there.

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