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Frozen in Time: Exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh at Jehangir Art Gallery

A good photograph must address either of the four elements. Is something missing? Is the moment running away? What happened next? Does it show the timeless picture of some legacy or tradition or history?

Kabeer's portfolio of photographs addresses each of these elements to stop the viewer on her track.

'Frozen in time', the exhibition of photographs by Kabeer Ramesh was inaugurated by Adv. Jayant Gaikwad, IAS(Retired), in the presence of Ms. Alexandra Mockel (Leipzig University, Germany) on 15th March '23 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. The exhibition will be open for visitors until 28th March '23.

Internationally acclaimed, Kabeer's photographs cover a wide range of genres such as landscape, portrait, objects as well as sculpture. Each genre of photographs taken by Kabeer comes with its own flavor. His own signature.

Among the landscapes, one stands out in particular. A shriveled leafless tree seems to dance in jubilance of life with a backdrop made up of verdant greenery of lush green forest. Despite having lost all its youthful physical charm, the rickety branches appear to be pulsating with life more than the greenery at the background. The irony is unmissable in this photograph.

Couple of photographs in the portrait section are intriguing. The little girl is looking what? This is a classic example of something missing in a photograph! The girl may be looking at a raindrop rushing down. She may be looking at a balloon floating away. She may be looking at a buddy waving her from fifth floor. She may be watching the clouds hanging up their. We do not know. But we wonder about what it might be. The image makes us think. It tells us a story unfinished.

Also, the bull. It is admirable that the photographer categorized the bull into the portrait category. Truly frozen in time, the black bull is just a sculpture yet its ferocious gaze and stance send chill through the spine. The image seems to send an eternal warning signal sounding an alarm never to fall silent.

One more curious aspect of Kabeer's photographs is their geographical spread. Besides throwing flashes across various locations of India, they capture the spirit of multitude of international cities too.

Overall, it is an exhibition worth paying a visit.

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