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Freewings takes flight!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Amazing riot of colors by four gifted artists!

In the New South Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, four gifted artists of diverse spirits, exhibited their paintings.

Sudipta Adhikari's mystic landscapes invoke the ethereal enigma of a mythical universe. One can listen to the knocking of hoofs on some weather-bitten dusty ground while looking at the wild horses of Pratik Mallick. Shubhankar Singha's surreal images speak of the melding of science and mysticism. Kohinoor Kabiraj opens the windows wide inviting lashing rain dancing in the stormy wind. Despite so much diversity, there is one single aspect that runs through the entire body of works. That is an unwarranted Shock to shake the viewers out of their reverie.

Kohinoor Kabiraj

Kohinoor says that during the rampage of Amphan cyclone, he was in his studio in the country side of West Bengal. He kept the windows wide open. The manic rage of wind and rain running amok over the landscape never left his mind's eye. He kept on painting the experience. Standing before the paintings, one can not help but appreciate the beauty of the formidable force of nature!

Shubhabrata Singha, Sudipta Adhikari, Pratik Mallick

Sudipta's canvases, growing larger in dimension over a period of time, tend to transport the viewer to a sublime mythological space. It feels like being the witness of a mysterious climax frozen in the annals of some secret history of the universe.

Shubhabrata Singha

Shubhabrata's surreal projections are melting pots of science, logic and eastern worldview of the ancient mystics. Bright colors, at times in their pure form, burst in wild ferocity.

Pratik's horses are dynamic. They are driven by a perpetual passion of jumping out of the canvas! He is a versatile artist whose paintings navigate wide spectrum of ideas and thoughts.

Overall, it is a great ensemble of artworks that leaves the viewers stunned and thinking. The spirit and conviction of these young artists are testimony to the fact that passion is the driver for those who changed the course of art. And this correspondent feels that these four artists will lead the show in the coming days.

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