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HUES - an Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Prints at Jehangir Art Gallery

Susheel Martin Foundation – Nireekshana Activity and Achievement Centre is presenting a group art exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures in different mediums and styles under one roof at Jehangir Art Gallery - Auditorium hall, 159, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda Mumbai 400001 from 20th to 26th June 2023. The exhibition will continue till 26th June 2023 as per the gallery timings ,11 am to 7 pm. It will showcase several artworks such as paintings, prints and sculptures in vivid mediums and techniques like realistic, semi realistic, abstract, contemporary, modern, surrealistic, spiritual etc in oil, acrylic colours, water colours, soft pastels, acid colours on silk, charcoal, pen and ink, fibreglass, copper and steel, etching, fibre, mix media and much more.

The artists participating in this exhibition are as under :-

Parag Borse, Ashif Hossain, Satyajeet Varekar, Ratan Saha, Prakash Bal Joshi, Om Swami, Vishwajeet Kumar, Vishal Sabley, Kadambari Mehta, Aparimita Sapru, Chandrakant Phadtare, Varsha Balwani Kukreja, Trapti Badjatiya, Dadasaheb Yadav, P.J. Stalin, Priya llango, Prof. Mansing Katkar, Atul Bhalerao, Maredu Ramu, Shashikant Patade, Oorna Datta.

Susheel Martin Foundation (SMF) is a Nireekshana School and Day care for intellectually challenged children from urban slums in Bangalore. They work to empower the intellectually challenged children with education, hygienic care and vocational skills and thereby integrate them into a normal lifestyle in the society. They have organised this show with an aim to promote such activity and thereby do the promotion for the artists and their artwork in different mediums and styles in the present art world.

A part of sales proceeds from the artwork in this exhibition will be generously used by the foundation for noble social causes on a charitable basis.

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