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Hunt of Romartika goes on...

Four years ago, Romartika began hunting for emerging artists. And the objective was to find so far undiscovered gems. Artists with spark of promise to do something new. Hence, Romartika's interest was to unearth jewels unfound so far.

And remember, all the time in history, great artists had been certified by the people living outside the circle of art. And nowhere in the world, art had ever been on top of the priority list of interest of the general populace. Hence, the subtle awareness about art had always been missing in public.

But still the taste and criteria of art kept changing with time. The trend of yesterday always turns into cliché of tomorrow.

Keeping all the factors in mind, Romartika created a public review system for paintings. It was not a five-star system but it asked for the feelings invoked among the viewers when they looked at the artwork. A unique algorithm assigned a rating based on the responses of the viewers.

Most artists had an apprehension about it. They wanted human jury. Romartika detested Jury because the best of the curators in the world too missed great artists. Otherwise, Van Gogh would not have died starving. Paul Gauguin would not have gone missing in the crowd. Hence, Romartika believed that human-jury was prejudiced and partial to their own choice of style most often. More so in India, because unlike the west, in India, multitude of traditions and styles are prevalent even this day in full force.

We are writing this article to claim the grand success of our endeavor. Our ranking system proved right. After four years, now we can claim that it is authentic. Also, beyond the online contests, we held group shows across the country at various prestigious platforms. Of course, that was curated by the Romartika team but not through the ranking system. Several artists whom we exhibited in our shows had exposed their artworks for public viewing for the first time in their lives. Romartika saw the spark of originality and went ahead showing their works to the world.

Today, we can proudly declare that the following artists have already made their mark and are enjoying reasonable commercial success. It is just four years since they made their debut. Several of them made their debut through Romartika.

Artist Shaikh Ahsan

Shaikh Ahsan had displayed his calligraphic abstracts during one of Romartika's online contests. Until then he kept his canvases locked away from people's gaze. And he won an award, rated by the public review system of Romartika. Today, Shaikh is being acknowledged as an artist of worth not only in India but in international platforms too.

Artist Sudipto Adhikari

It was the early days as artist for Sudipto Adhikari when he participated in one of the online contests by Romartika. And he won an award. The results were the product of the intelligent algorithm of public review system. Over the years, Sudipto has established himself as another renowned artist in the eastern India's art circle rubbing shoulders with living legends.

Saranya Ganguly

Saranya Ganguly exhibited on prestigious platforms for the first time with Romartika. And in a blink, her paintings began to draw attention of the art collectors. Even if she has been rather slow in exposing her works for public viewing, yet she received rapid recognition.

Artist Banani Kundu

Banani Kundu as well participated in one of the earliest online contests of Romartika Art Decoded and later she had also displayed in 3D Simulated group shows presented by Romartika Art Decoded. She too received awards out of the public review system. Today, Banani is known in the Bangalore art circle as an important emerging artist. In fact, her creations proved to be of great commercial success.

Of course, besides them, there had been artists like, Prakash Ambegaonkar, Anup Mitra, Gaurangi Mehta Shah, Sulochana Gawde, Kavita Tambolkar, Sonal V Saxena who had already made their mark in the world of art when they believed in Romartika and regularly displayed on Romartika forums.

Artist Devayani Thakre, hesitated exposing her artworks. It was with Romartika that she came out in the open and began to display. And soon, her artworks caused sensation. The blast of passion, since then, never abated.

Artist Maitrry Shah, came into the Romartika circle a little late. But the arrogant and defiant spirit of Romartika, soon captured her fancy and in some years, her style went through radical transformation resulting in her selection for exhibition by the most prestigious platform of the country.

Artists like Nilanjana Ray, Neetesh Mishra, Devayani Thakre, Joao Marques became part of the Romartika mission in some time.

There had been many others who had been party to the journey of Romartika and have never parted. We are grateful and proud that our initiative has been successful.

We are going to launch another online contest to find out hidden gems for tomorrow's world of art.

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