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Khayaal - an exhibition of drawings by artist Vaibhav Naik at Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Rabindranath Tagore said that a good short story comes to an end yet does not end; like those sentences ending in three dots...

Vaibhav's paintings are like short stories; as if some sudden flashes captured crossroads of life. The expressions on the faces arrest the viewer instantly. The hint of a smile in many of his paintings appears to stand on the no-man's land between laughter and cry. An entire past seems to loom large like an overcast sky but we do not know that past. It is visible yet invisible to our eyes. And here comes the beauty of his artworks.

This exhibition will be inaugurated on 20th March, 2023 at 4 pm at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai by Chief Guests – Gazal Nawaz Shri. Bhimrao Panchale & Eminent Artist – Mr. Vijay Achrekar in the presence of many art lovers, patrons.

One more aspect must be mentioned about Vaibhav's paintings. Even though he does not claim that the paintings are portraits yet these are portraits in true sense. In fact, these are the ideal form of portrait. Unfortunately, many artists keep copying the exact face of a subject in a photorealistic manner and believe that they achieved a great deal in making portrait. But that really does not make much sense. Because who cares for someone's uncle or aunt or grand father? Unless the viewer is personally familiar with the subject, such images do not leave any lasting impression.

But the image of another person leaves its mark in the viewer's mind when the image stands out on its own right without any reference to who's who, he or she is. Only then the subject in the image gets closer to the heart of the observer. For example, we can refer to the portraits by the legendary British artist Lucian Freud.

Artist Vaibhav Naik

Subjects in Vaibhav's paintings do not need to offer introduction. Their expressions speak volumes. Their half-smile or abstraction casts a hypnotic spell on the viewer.

A graduate from J.J School of Art, Vaibhav says with all politeness that he does not believe in following trends. In other words he is a rebel. This aspect clearly shows on his paintings. A silent denial of tradition in style and content. A quest for newness!

This exhibition is a must-see in Mumbai. We believe that this young artist is a legend in the making.

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