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Londoners are upset with Adani's greenwashing

Updated: Apr 15

Indian media, rightfully celebrated the opening of the Adani green energy gallery in London. It is a science museum that celebrates the green energy revolution. The museum is meant to awaken the people about the novelty of green energy that eradicates the evils of pollution and establishes a healthy and just life on earth.

However, hardly a few sources reported that 150 people mounted a protest in the museum against the museum authorities about having Adani as the sponsor. They accused Adani of being a leading coal miner which is not exactly green. Also, they accused Adani of promoting war by exporting weapons to Israel. They accused that the Hermes 900 drones used by Israel against Gaza are manufactured by a company called Elbit Systems where Adani shares some ownership. In their view , it is hypocrisy to celebrate green energy on one hand a enjoy profit from violence on the other hand.

South Asia Solidarity Group pointed out the nexus between the close alleys of the Adani group in this affair. A few of the protesters dressed up like the close alleys of Adani during the protest. The image reflects the same.

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