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Mythology resounds in art!

Pooja Sonkar's mystic art!

Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata is exhibiting a collection of 33 artworks of artist Pooja Sonkar. Thirty three deities are depicted through her amazing assortment of black and white paintings. The enigmatic images invoke the ethereal spirit of ancient India.

The mystic expanse of the infinite peeks through the frames of the paintings. The narratives from Upanishads are also displayed to point a finger at the profound wisdoms of the sages from the root of Indian civilization.

The most striking aspect of Pooja's paintings is the element of pristine simplicity. The psychic depth blended with aboriginal absence of complexity lends her artworks a mysterious charm.

When this correspondent spoke to Pooja Sonkar and few other young artists, it came to light that the reactions and responses they usually received was of curious nature. Most of the visitors and some veterans found Pooja's work amazing. So was the experience of some other young artist of rare talent. But there had been people who made ruthlessly derisive comments too.

Of course, the artists welcomed all of it. The visitors were shaken by the artworks they encountered. Be it a positive reaction or otherwise.

These young band of artists remind this correspondent of the impressionist warriors of nineteenth century. After seeing some artworks of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir and others, one veteran critic of the day wrote in the review that some monkeys got hold of a bunch of brushes and paints!

Now, ironically, history did not forget the critic. The critic is remembered as another Joker with a pen and paper whereas the monkeys he referred to sat in the pedestal of legends in future.

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