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Passion on canvas group show by four artists at Malaka Art Gallery

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Between 16th to 30th July '23, a group show by four artists are being held at Malaka Art Gallery. The show is curated by Romartika Art Decoded. However, as a one of its kind arrangement, Romartika is going to break the boundary of geographical domain. Since a group show at an offline space is necessarily accessible to the local art lovers, Romartika is organizing also an exhibition with the same artists in 3D VIRTUAL space where the visitors can navigate with the touch of a finger as if walking around in a gallery of brick and mortar. Those who can not make it to Malaka Art Gallery, can always enjoy the 3D simulated Virtual show in their mobile phone or laptop.

Since the participating artists are highly versatile, we have tried to display different artworks in the 3D Virtual show. The four artists are, Alka C Singh, Reena Soni, Sujata Humane and Kavita Tambolkar. Enjoy the virtual show and also do drop in at Malaka Art Galelry, Lane no 5, Koregaon Park, Pune within the specified dates.

Since this exhibition has ended, the live version is no more available.

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