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Some flash of good art at Jehangir Art Gallery

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

About fifty one artists are displaying their works at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in a group show organized by Josh, an NGO.

Your correspondent visited the show and stumbled onto some really good art among plenty of flex of art-less skill.

Artist Shaikh Ahsan from Gulbarga exhibited his unique blend of calligraphy and abstract expression. Almost every visitor stopped on her track while passing by his canvases.

Artist Shaikh Ahsan with his paintings.

Artist Nikita Thakur's collage-cum-abstracts carry a calming tenderness. The scraps of newsprint and faint hint of alphabets beside torn pieces of clothes weave a complex pattern probably hinting at the misty alleys of the artist's mind.

Paintings by artist Nikita Thakur

Artist Jyotsna Tandon's depiction of the congested urban life crammed into an impossibly limited space almost invokes a sense of strangling to the viewer. Her canvas captures the true spirit of the hardship and struggle of the life in the metro. Nothing stands free on its own but one wall makes the wall of another. One roof makes the floor of the other in endless succession. No escape!

Painting by Artist Jyotsna Tandon

Artist Sudipto Adhikari's mystic landscapes drag the viewers into an ethereal world of magical spirit. Based on mythological backdrops, the paintings of Sudipto touches the pulse of the viewers instantly.

Artist Sudipto Adhikari and his paintings

Vaishali Rajput's curious mix of Indian classical and abstract expressions raised reasonable interest among viewers. Her conservative and measured application of colour tones create a soothing yet exciting spirit.

Artist Vaishali Rajput and her paintings

Artist Gaurangi Mehta Shah's lip-less faces in bright background stare at the viewer in pregnant silence. They seem to enjoy a sublime comfort of togetherness beyond the noise of the world of grit and dust.

Paintings by artist Gaurangi Mehta Shah

In the crowd of Radha, Krishna, flowers and cows, and many other gods and demigods, these few artists bring a stroke of fresh wind reminding that art is still important beyond its value as commodity.

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