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What do you interpret out of this painting by artist Sonjaye Maurya?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Please send us a text or video message through WhatsApp to +919999534332 or email to, describing what you interpret from the image. We shall publish it in this page and in the end, the artist will spell out his or her own intention while painting it. You can message in either Hindi or English.

Artist Sonjaye Maurya explains his intention behind this painting -

The artist says -

Some of the esteemed thinkers beautifully interpreted this piece of visual art and expressed their views about it philosophically. I am overwhelmed with the thoughtful and intellectual expression in words and the deep insight. (Or shall we call it transliteration !)

In my view, art should not only be pretty, but meaningful. Besides being an attractive piece of visual art, it should also serve a purpose. It's a mirror and a representative of the society. It's a tool, that can bring change. It can bring ideological revolution. And if that is not happening, art is not happening. It's a media to communicate messages to masses. It's not only for elite but for everyone. A common man too.

When we look at this artwork, we see a well. A very deep well, with very little water and plastic Jerry cans with long ropes.

It has a deep relation with one of the 17 sustainable goals set up by United Nations General Assembly. If we want to transform the world into a better place to live in, for our generations to come, we must think today and take necessary steps, like save, recycle, reuse etc.

The visual highlights two aspects.

1st- Poverty.

2nd- Population issue and downward graph of our resources.

In today's time even the smallest town has water pipe lines. The prosperous villages have electric pumps to pull water from wells or borewells. The painting highlights plastic reusable jerrycans and non-metal buckets. And there are many such buckets trying to scoop water from the well that has little water.

Point to Ponder...


Artist Devayani Thakre says -

It feels like a combination of the swirls showing the feelings of the present and a calm memory from the past .. a movement that is not a part of a stagnant source,. No walls even to show the restrictions.. surrounding the vibrant turbulence lies a soft serene part of the the emotion , and that is this core, from where we fetch a little of what we love for ourselves, undoubtedly it creates its own whirl too...

Kathamala Das says -

Mesmerizing painting which took me to the deep abyss of life where the mystery of nothingness the lines of Haruki Murakami which paints a character who went inside a well and was shifted to the other side of life and never wanted to come back to the reality of " real" world...

Artist Pallavi Kiran says -

Mind is going through twists & turns. The ropes , the bucket fillers are the support system which helps the children & adults who need emotional & empathetic support to bring back the lost spirit.
Mental wellness is the subject or topic which is ignored by most of us. Depression, behavioural issues, addictions, trauma, domestic violence. etc are the few examples of mental & emotional distress. Mental wellness or wellbeing is very important for the wellbeing of every individual for a healthy & sound society which resonates in a positive development of everyone around us. This, In turn reflects on the society & community we live in. We need a strong support system to break the cycle of mental illness & build a safe & sound space for every child, individual. "Make this world a better, safe place."

Artist Nisha Sapre says -

Firstly what caught my eye is the effective use of colours. My interpretation is - some go deep to find the meaning of life whereas few just skim the surface.

Artist Prakash Ambegaonkar says -

Love this painting of my friend Sonjayeji. The depiction of a visual form is never adequate and could be different for every individual.
Fetching water from a deep well is the most obvious message. However beautifully intricated within that is the symbol of the universe. The light fuzziness of the swirling circles appears to me as a galaxy, or the sky (inverted) symbolizing physical existence in this universe. So the message to me is. " Fetch the beauty of existence and knowledge with as large buckets as you can."
I think the author here is showing very small buckets, which is indicative of human shortcomings of fetching what holds true value.

Artist Joao Marques says -

Fishing the luck...

Author Saikat Baksi says -

Eternal hunt for the nectar of life. Will the rope fall short? Will the nectar spill out and the bucket will be empty when it comes up finally?

Artist Sudipto Adhikari says

Collecting wisdom from eternal source!

Rupal Buch says

Very nice... technically it's about perspective. Here artist try different ( instead of light to dark he used dark to light) color scheme to show perspective. Here I can relate buckets with human mindset and its about fetching knowledge and positivity from well of our life. As I am conceptual artist, I like to interpret the paintings

Manisha Das says

I see the depth of thought and imagination of the artist, from where he fetches the spirit of his creation.
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Ranjana Kashyap
Ranjana Kashyap
Mar 06, 2022

Beautiful in every way ❤️

Art Romartika
Art Romartika
Mar 06, 2022
Replying to

Please share your interpretation too. Kindly send it as a message to the mobile number indicated.

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