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Wilderness beckons at Jehangir Art Gallery - a solo show by artist Vinita Sadarangani

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

From: 8th to 14th August 2023

Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 9892969660

Vinita's landscapes are mysterious and enigmatic yet loving. They shriveled branches unfold in a cobeweb of veins guarding the sky yet hint at the infinite. Despite being simple depiction of wild forests in each canvas, the artworks are poetic. The images do not begin and end within the few square feet of the frames. They spread way beyond the expanse of the square boundary. There is an unknown beyond the canvas. And the mystic aura of the beyond engulfs the viewer with an enchanting hum.

As for the style, yes, definitely there is an impressionist influence. But the artist does not exactly toe the lines of the impressionists who painted what they saw in ruthless sincerity. Vinita's paintings, rather border on the edge between Impressionism and expressionism. She expressed what she felt while experiencing the forest. We do not know but at times, it seems that she expressed the same forest on multiple canvases on different occasions because the forest made her feel differently at times.

Sometimes, her strokes remind us of Monet even though Monet was more focused at projecting the scene whereas Vinita intends to convey the spirit of the scene with respect tp her own soul.

Overall, this exhibition is worth visiting.

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