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Windows of expression - a solo show by Artist Maitrry P Shah at Jehangir Art Gallery

Sorrow can be red, yellow or green! Artist Maitrry P Shah's life size canvses are true and sincere windows of expression.

Usually, sorrow and melancholy are depicted through muted and dark hues conventionally. But don't each of us often brood in the middle of bustling and cheering festivity ? Don't each of us feel low at times when there is celebration of life around us?

We do.

And exactly that ironic reality has been captured by Maitrry in her paintings where she painted the human figures in black and white against the back drops of dazzling red, yellow and green.

Of course, there is another aspect of her painting. It is woman. The place of the woman in the fanfare of life is not always that of the victor. Through the body of images painted by her, we can feel the sense of loss, agony and silent pain of the woman hidden inside the wrapping of dazzling spirit of celebration. The undying spirit appears trapped in the confine of convention, protocol and routine.

And the title of the show is apt. Indeed, this seven-day-long display of Maitrry's works is a small window that permits a peek into her inner world that speaks volumes but in silence. A truly expressionist exhibition.

The exhibition will go on until 25th of February'24 at Jehangir Art Gallery. It is an unmissable experience for art lovers.

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